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Canyon of Dolomites

Canyon of Dolomites is a network that brings together 3 Canyoning centers located in the Dolomites area:
- Canyoning Noana
- Canyoning Lagorai
- Canyoning in Senaiga.

The Dolomite area, known throughout the world for its splendid peaks, is now also famous for its numerous and stupendous paths in the gorge. Canyon of Dolomites with its 4 centers covers the entire southern area of this territory.

The most famous canyons, some of which are located in the Dolomiti Bellunesi Park and unfortunately forbidden by the Regulations, represent an international destination for fans of this sport: La Soffia, Val Clusa, Val Fogare, Val del Mus, and then outside the Park the Rio Ciolesan, the Val Zemola, the Rio Maggiore, the Val Maor, the Grotta Azzura, the Grigno, the Rio Sorgazza, the Senaiga, the Rio Neva are just some of these splendid routes. Our guides are all professionals with decennial experience of accompaniment in canyons with international specialization.

All materials are certified by the current European regulations specific for the Canyoning activity.

We are Alpine Guides and we are registered with the UIAGM, which is the international union that brings together the national associations of Alpine guides.

The IFMGA is the only organization representing the mountain guide profession worldwide.

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