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First Canyoning

Canyoning is a sport of adventure and exploration in which participants don a wetsuit, helmet and harness and go down a river, a gorge or, you guessed it, a canyon! It involves using a variety of techniques ranging from walking, jumping and rappelling and simple rock climbing. Canyoning itself is a multi-sport activity.

If you've never done it before, the first step can be a bit daunting, but the good thing about canyoning is that you can decide if you want it to be relaxing and ambient or intense and adrenaline-pumping based on the type of route we'll decide together. There are different paths depending on the skill and courage of each one. Even within the same canyon there are often several options and various ways to exit earlier.

At its best, canyoning is not just an adrenaline rush, it is an inimitable and intimate way to explore and enjoy beautiful natural spaces in a way that is simply not possible otherwise.

Here are some things you will learn on your first canyoning trip:
01 - Learn to wear the equipment

One of the first things that will happen in your Guided Tour is that you will get and you will have to learn to wear correctly your personal equipment consisting of:

 - Special wetsuit in 5/6 mm neoprene,

- Neoprene booties to put on instead of socks (they do not replace shoes)

- Special and certified harness with the necessary carabiners and longes.

- Certified helmet

- Buoyancy Vest if you can't swim and are afraid of water. However, the neoprene suit already provides sufficient buoyancy on its own.

- Extra price rental shoes if requested in advance. If you don't rent shoes from us you can use your own, light trekking shoes or sneakers with a non-smooth sole are fine, however it is better if you wear used shoes that are not too tight. Avoid the ones you bought yesterday that maybe crawl on the stones!

02 - Information on safety

Subsequently, the Guide will provide you with some information on safety, the use of carabiners, the various techniques of progression inside the Canyon, how to tackle the dives (never mandatory), the slides and abseiling and how to walk on the bottom wet.

03 - Approach walk

The approach walk to the head of a canyon can take anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. Maybe even more, depending on how accessible the entrance is or where you're starting from. If the day is hot you will hate your wetsuit...

But wait, once you get into the canyon and into the cold water the wetsuit will become your new best friend. It might be a little hot on the way up, but it's worth it.

And fear not, so you'll have the perfect temperature for the rest of your trip down the canyon.

04 - And if you're afraid of heights...

If you are scared of heights or have never been to a canyon before maybe you are a little insecure about yourself, especially at the top of big jumps?

Well, there's a good chance that by the end of the day you'll be jumping several feet into deep pools of water with a huge smile on your face.

Our canyoning guides are not only incredibly experienced in their practice, they are also very reassuring. They will help you find your comfort level, help you through the whole experience and guide you step by step through all the essential knowledge.

Not only will they tell you where to jump or when to abseil, but they'll show you how and explain why these strategies must be adopted in an acceptably safe manner.

05 -The exit walk

The exit walk to reach the closest car park is mandatory in some Canyons where there is no road that allows you to approach the bed by minibus.

In our canyons this walk never exceeds thirty minutes but it can be tiring because it is often uphill and takes place after having done the activity in the water and with the wetsuit on.

Find out which CANYONS are suitable for your first experience

First Canyoning
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