Experience suitable for everyone

Family Adventures

The quality of the time we spend with our loved ones is probably more important than the quantity. For this we will organize a fantastic experience specially tailored around you and your family!

Canyoning is a sport for everyone!

All you need is a little courage and don't be overly afraid of water and narrow places!

Like being in a water park, in fact these places are continuous natural water slides and small dives in crystal clear pools. They are never obligatory though, if one doesn't feel like it, in fact there is always the possibility of bypassing the dive by lowering oneself from the Guide.

We have the possibility to customize our offer based on the age of your children and the level of motor skills they have developed!

We have canyoning routes specifically dedicated to the activity of families with children over 8 years of age. Come and try this beautiful sport suitable for everyone!!!

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